Who counters thresh support?

How do you counter Thresh?

Honestly, it’s very hard to counter Thresh, but one really solid way to do well against Thresh is to poke him down, using supports such as Zyra and Lulu. Both Zyra and Lulu have really great poke against him, and I would suggest running AP Runes against him since he does not get scaling MR, only armor.

Is thresh good with Aphelios?

This champion pairing is somewhat common. Thresh is forced to battle against Aphelios in 18.6% of his matches. Thresh does a good job of beating Aphelios. Normally, he wins a terrific 52.0% of the time the champs battle one another in.

Who counters thresh support?

Thresh Counter PickWin RatePlay RateJannaStorm’s Fury53.3%4.09%SorakaStarchild52.79%4.88%ZyraRise of the Thorns50.9%2.87%BlitzcrankGreat Steam Golem51.68%5.49%2 more rows•Apr 27, 2021

What supports good against Thresh?

Annie is also good, because you can slowly poke Thresh down with the auto attacks. If Thresh lands a hook on your carry, just use your whole burst on their carry. Maybe she’s not the hardest counter for Thresh, but besides Annie, Alistar, Zyra or Lulu, I can also recommend Janna.

Does thresh counter brand?

This particular counter matchup is fairly common. Brand has to counter Thresh in 64.1% of his games. Brand does a great job of beating Thresh. … In Brand against Thresh games, Brand’s team is 6.0% less likely to get first blood.

Does Senna counter Thresh?

This counter pairing is relatively common. Senna fights Thresh in 61.1% of her matches.

Does Janna counter Thresh?

Janna has a pretty weak stages for her in comparison to Thresh, unless Janna has an advantage built up from her level 1 and 2. It’s more about preventing any aggressive plays Thresh is looking to make, by shielding poke, and disrupting his actions..

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