Did Brooke cheat on Joao?

Did Eddie and Amy break up?

No, it does not appear that Lucas is still with his former girlfriend, Amy. … During the appearance, a fan asked Lucas if he broke up with his girlfriend after he had been hooking up with another woman while working on the boat during Season 3. “No, actually, not right away,” Lucas revealed, according to Bravo.

Why did Eddie Lucas leave below deck?

Eddie Lucas left the world of yachting after season three of Below Deck. He finally decided to accept Bravo’s invitation to return for season eight, but the charter season ended abruptly due to COVID-19.

What happened to Ben on below deck?

Since then he’s been on four seasons of Below Deck as executive chef. He also runs a successful catering business and is now a certified health coach specialising in conditions such as cancer and addiction.

Are Rob and Jessica still together below deck?

Unfortunately, according to Instagram, the two do not follow each other anymore. Like many other charter romances, their passion ended as soon as they departed the yacht. According to Jess and Rob’s Instagram, they are both single. Rob has upgraded his page to show off his modeling portfolio.

Who is Ben Robinson dating now?

Kiara CabralThe Below Deck alum appears to have a new special someone in his life. Ben shared the first photo of himself and his new girlfriend, Kiara Cabral, on his Instagram on May 22.

Is Ben the chef still dating Emily?

Emily only lasted for one season, but she made quite an impact on the crew, especially Chef Ben Robinson. The pair dated while the season was airing, and continued after they stopped filming. … Since her breakup with Ben, Emily has lived a quiet life but is still active on social media.

Are Malia and Wes still together 2020?

They even dated for a time after the charter season ended before eventually calling it quits. … Malia told The Daily Dish during an interview over the phone earlier this season that she and Wes still keep in touch today. “He has had some amazing yachting experiences recently.

Did Brooke cheat on Joao?

João and Brooke’s season 3 Below Deck Med romance seemed to be headed in the right direction when the series ended but didn’t last long off the ship. During the season 4 premiere, João claimed that the two split because Brooke cheated on him.

Who is chef Ben Robinson father?

Patrick RobinsonBen’s father, Patrick Robinson, has had his fair share of time in the spotlight.

Is Ben from below deck married?

As for his personal life, Ben met Emily Warburton Adams during Below Deck season four, and their romance was one reason to watch the show. … Last year, Ben confirmed in a series of Instagram photos that he is in a new relationship with Kiara Cabral, 26.

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