Can Siri turn on my flashlight?

What to do when flashlight is not working?

What to do if flashlight is not working on androidCheck device is not in power saver mode. … Remove application installed after which phone torch is not working. … Clear camera app data. … Use a third party flashlight app. … Reset device. … Note: please backup the data before you reset the device as this will wipe out all of the data on your phone.Visit the nearest service centerr.Aug 30, 2020.

Where is the flashlight button?

You can turn on the flashlight on most Androids by pulling down the Quick Settings menu from the top of the screen and tapping the flashlight button. You can also turn on the flashlight with a voice command to Google Assistant.

Can you take flashlight off lock screen?

Currently, there’s no way to remove the flashlight icon from the lock screen – we’ve tried. However, there are a few ways to turn the light off quickly if you turn it on accidentally. … An even faster and more discreet way to kill the torch is by slightly swiping left on the lock screen.

Can Siri turn on my flashlight?

You can quickly turn on the flashlight on your iPhone by using Siri or the Control Center. The flashlight on your iPhone comes from the camera flash mechanism on the back of your device, next to the camera lens. You can also adjust the brightness of your iPhone flashlight in the Control Center.

What happened to the flashlight on my iPhone?

Typically the flashlight is found by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to open the Control Center, then tapping the flashlight icon. The iOS 11 update brought about some additional customization options for the Control Center, and it’s now possible for someone to delete the flashlight from that menu.

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